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Ergonomics for Digital Nomads and laptop users in general

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·Dec 14, 2021·

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Ergonomics for Digital Nomads and laptop users in general

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The hard truth is there's nothing special about being a digital nomad - you're an office worker like everyone else. The only difference is your office is constantly moving, along with you. However, office ergonomics still apply, they're just harder to achieve.

I won't ask you to cram an ergonomic chair into your backpack, but I will ask you to bring:

  • a laptop stand
  • a keyboard
  • a mouse / touchpad / drawing tablet

Using a laptop on a desk or even worse on your lap is what must be avoided. Raising your laptop so that the top of the screen matches your eye level will help avoid upper back strain.

Adjusting the screen tends to have the unintended effect of making the laptop's built-in keyboard and touchpad unusable. Good riddance! Even under ideal conditions using them would force your wrists into an unnatural position.

Using an external keyboard and mouse allows us to place them exactly where they need to be - near you and at the same level as your elbows.

Details about my remote work setup can be found here.

Details about the benefits of laptop stands can be found here (contains affiliate links).

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